Royal Sussex Lodge formed in 1814 in Portsmouth and initially met in Taverns in the City and in 2014 Celebrated 200 years of Freemasonry.


We are an active Masonic Lodge of over 40 members. We come from all walks of life with a wide age range and varied occupations. We meet 8 times a year at the Purbrook Centre in Waterlooville having moved there in 2013 from Portsmouth.


Our meetings usually start at 6.00 PM and afterwards together with a communal meal (‘called a festive board’) and concludes sometime around 9.30PM. Our meetings are Masonic ceremonies based upon ancient stonemasons’ workings. During the Festive board we have a raffle and all monies go to Charity which is an important part of Free Masonry.

We are told by our Visitors that we are a very welcoming and enjoyable Lodge to visit and we intend to keep that ethos of having fun and supporting the local community as our priority.



From our foundation in 1814 we have had a close relationship with the Lodge of Union who are based in Chichester and our Worshipful Master (in year) is an honorary member of that Lodge. We also have close relations with our Daughter Lodges in the Portsmouth area.


The Lodge was formed in 1814 and is named after the Duke of Sussex who was the first Grand master of the newly formed United Grand Lodge in 1813 (a unification of the two former Grand Lodges colloquially known as the ‘Ancients’ and the ‘Moderns’). There are several other Royal Sussex Lodges in the country and abroad for which we maintain contact.

Royal Sussex Lodge is one of the oldest lodges in Hampshire and Isle of Wight and the country at large and our members have expanded freemasonry over these 200+ years to the extent that there are now over Fifty ‘daughter’ lodges founded by them in the region. Our history covers a long period and many events have occurred in that time from the Napoleonic and Crimean War to many Monarchs being crowned including Queen Victoria for which the Duke of Sussex was her Uncle who was a great philanthropist and We are proud to associate our lodge with the Duke.

In 2014 we celebrated our two hundredth Anniversary of Freemasonry as a Lodge and we have every intention of continuing and celebrating our tercentenary, just as Grand Lodge celebrated theirs in 2017. Should you wish to know more about the history of our lodge please contact the Secretary on the email below.

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If you want to meet like-minded people who care about others and in particular the local community and to know more about our Lodge or are interested in joining to become a Freemason please contact our Secretary by submitting your details at the form below and he will be back in contact real soon.


Should you wish to learn a bit more about Freemasonry in general and in the Province of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, please find links below to United Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge where there are videos of what we do and why we do it.

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